History of the Club



The Rosholt Area Threshermen, Inc. was organized in the summer of 1989 primarily as a result of a desire to gather together a group of like-minded people who wanted to play (or show off) their toys publicly and preserve a way of life soon to be forgotten. Seven people attended an organizational meeting that summer to see if there would be enough interest to form a club that would take on the task of organizing an annual show that would showcase our interests. The initial attendance was not encouraging but we decided to forge ahead and try to solicit others to get involved. At about this time Malcom Rosholt, curator of the Rosholt Pioneer Museum, became very interested in acquiring an old sawmill to be permanently relocated to the museum site. This would be a great project for the club that didn't even exist yet. With the help of sawmill expert, Frederick Yenter and machine shop owner, Craig Anderson, the task of dismantling and rebuilding the wreck of a mill began. Interest grew rapidly and there soon were about eight to ten people woring long hard nights to meet a Labor Day deadline to have the mill operational for the Annual Rosholt Fair. It was a huge effort but we did saw longs at that fair. That was the event that caused the club to really take off. There are now over 80 names on the roster, many of which include families, and we are proud to claim quite a number of young members which should ensure a long and successful future for the club.